I love business.

And I kind of fell into it. I come from a long line of business owners.

There’s something really fulfilling working with someone that has put their butt on the line to share their skills, ideas and vision with the world.

Even though I’ve spent nearly half my life in or around business, there’s always something to learn, new innovations, new theories, new technologies, new skills required to stay current and relevant.

Being in business is transformative for most people. It certainly was for me. It had me grow up and be responsible very, very quickly. There’s nothing like having your staff member’s mortgage and kids schooling resting on your shoulders.

I’m lucky enough to have these super powered business glasses that I can see the one tiny thing that will take the business owner’s angst and turn it into delight, that will take the business from mediocre to awesome. Its usually simple, quick and relatively inexpensive, the hardest part is thinking outside the box or dealing with the fear of change.