I love to dive.

And it didn’t start out that way.

I was a terrible, awful student, I couldn’t deal with the icky, sticky painful wetsuit on my chunky legs and arms (at the time), then all the equipment on my body that I couldn’t see and was expected to know what to do with it.

And then you want me to do what underwater…..???? Insert: take mask off, take regulator out, swim to the surface on one breathe and let bubbles out.

Now I love it.

As a Padi professional I get to participate in my student’s fear turning into courage, their faintheartedness turning into accomplishment, their timidity turning into confidence and their anticipation turning into passion.

I’ve had some awesome experiences teaching and diving, I’ve had some hilarious moments and I’ve had some awful moments. But I’m always compassionate, gracious and generous with people. There’s no difference between me and them, I’m exactly the same, I just have had a bit more training and experience.