I’ve had an excellent life so far, plenty of ups and downs like anyone else.

I’ve held many roles already in my relatively short life: an employee, a manager, a business owner, a boss, a business partner, a girlfriend, a wife, an ex-wife, a best friend, a friend, an ex-friend, an acquaintance, a coach, a leader, a sister, a daughter, a grand-daughter, and an auntie just to name a few. Most have been fun, some have been not so fun at times.

I’m certainly not perfect in any way shape or form, I’ve learnt many lessons, grown, and developed myself over the years. The one thing I’m clear about is that there is no sitting still, there’s only going backwards or moving forwards. I choose forwards.

I’m also very clear that anything is possible. Firstly I’ve got to want it enough to take action, then share the hell out of it, think outside the box, ask for help when I need it and keep going through the inevitable bumps, tunnels and fog.

When people here my ‘story’, they get inspired. Which is good, but inspiration without action is just another good idea, a someday/one day phenomenon.  I don’t do someday/one day, I do now. I create my life, I refuse to be at the affect of it.

This website is not about my story, this about who I am now, the different aspects of my life, my passions, what I’m up to, challenges I’m tackling, my insights or breakthroughs, my adventures and moments of wonder.

Welcome to the wonderful world of Kylie McQuie!